Here, you can find links to places I am around the web.

My LBRY(Odysee): TODO (i)  The LBRY protocol is a blockchain of torrents. It is most famous for being an alternative to YouTube. I use it for much more though, as any type of file can be used (raw text, markdown, images, etc). I personally think it is a great 'microblogging' platform. I recommend you to try it out, if you don't mind the most popular content posted to it(but not only!) is related to Linux or crypto.
My Gentoo wiki userpage(i)  Gentoo is a metadistribution of Linux(amongst others) that I use religiously on all my devices. I wrote some terrible userpages for it, and have done some mostly terribly pointless contributions to the distro. There is nothing of value on this link. Not sure why I linked it.